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New contraception devices are extensively developing branch of women's birth control products, supplying very important safer, better and advanced devices and at a moderate cost. The contraception device of NanoPaz Ltd. is a new device built on well known hormone release principles with bionano materials for slow hormone release and an innovated implantation design method. The contraception device can be inserted very easily and be very effective up to 3 years. Depending on the marketing strategy, the contraception device of the present invention can become a contraception device for a large sector of women users.

The second product is for the prevention and treatment of Asherman Syndrome by a new Nanomaterial method of drug delivery. In women's healthcare, Intra uterine adhesion (Asherman's syndrome) is a common complication after miscarriage, termination of pregnancy and post delivery. As a result of this complication there are: amenorrhea (without period) and infertility. This syndrome was described in obstetrics & gynecology many years ago. Only in the USA there are more than 200,000 cases a year with a growth rate of more than 15% a year due to the fast increase in miscarriages and termination of pregnancies.

The products are based on a novel versatile, bio-nano slow release drug delivery system, made of pharmaceutical well knows and safe grade ingredients. The R&D program started with private resources (May 2006) with literature review, pre-art search, patent preliminary claims document. Patent pending material ( Sieradzki LL.B., Haifa), following conceptual hormonal implants modeling and designs, research, modeling and study ( First structural design 2007). Specification and Material formulation with laboratory testing and analysis was done during 2007-2008 and formulation and development of prototype implants executed at subcontractor facilities in EU Pharma R&D Center during 2008-2009. Animal model testing of first prototypes and results analysis done during 2010-2011. Proof-of-concept exists today for one animal model - female rabbits. The Levonorgestrel (LNG) incorporated within the particles in each implant is sufficient for 3 or more than 3 years with a stable slow release rate in vitro per/day.

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